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Embroidered clothing is perfect for a huge range of purposes, from club badges for team wear to companies branding their workwear to help promote a strong identity and help to promote their brand.

The process starts with us digitising your logo, it is then uploaded to the embroidery machines. When adding a logo to your garment by embroidery, a frame is placed onto the garment and a backing fabric is applied. The embroidery process is then carried out by a computerised embroidery machine. 

The embroidery process lends itself to working best on polo shirts, shirts and blouses, aprons and tabards as well as jackets, fleeces and headwear. Speak to a member of our knowledgeable team to find out if a garment would be suitable for embroidery.


Transfer Print

ransfer print is an extremely versatile print process which is suitable for decorating a wide range of different garments and materials.

Once the design is created, it is then cut from vinyl, or used to produce a heat reactive transfer ready for print. Transfer print can be used to print one colour designs right up to a full colour print. The transfer is then heat pressed, at a controlled pressure and temperature, to fuse it to the garment. Typically there is normally no initial set up charge for transfer printing.

There are no minimum order quantities for the transfer print process, however there are limitations to full colour production and the amount of detail due to the cutting process. Speak to a member of the the team who will be happy to answer any questions. Transfer Printing is suited to most types of clothing, although due to the nature of print, we would advise against fleece due to the high pile and uneven surface area.


Screen Print

Perfect cost effective print process for multiple garments with the same design.

Screen printing uses inks which are then applied to the garment through mesh screens to create your design. This process is great for a range of different garments from t-shirts to hoodies and even hi-vis vests. Screen printing is perfect for orders of 20 or more items.

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