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There are a few options on ordering your plain or personalised clothing form us...

1. Email an order!

If you're an existing customer and would like to re-order items you've had previously simply email us at [email protected] and we'll be able to raise your order manually for you.  If you've not purchased from us before, we'll need a list of the items you're looking for and how you'd like them branded so we can get a price back over to you.  Once confirmed we can raise the order for you.  As a note, we have various price increases throughout the year so if you're a repeat it may be worth just checking upto date prices if it's been longer than 6 Months since your last order.

Unless credit terms have been agreed, we'll contact you for payment prior to processing your order.

2. Order through the website

We've set up the site to be as user friendly as possible.  Simply add the items to the cart by picking the relevant colour and size the click "add to cart".  Once the item is in the cart you can add the branding and the position you'd like it to go.  You'll need to do this for all the item line in the cart individually.  Once you're happy this has been done, simply check out and pay.  You'll get an order confirmation straight away.

When purchasing items from one of our pre-agreed online stores, there is no need to add any branding as these are pre-set with all the relevat logos included.

3. Through our managed online ordering portal

If you are a regular, repeat ordering customer then we may be able to offer your company it's own ordering portal.  It's designed to make the ordering process as easily as possible for managers and buyers and take the hassle out of purchasing.  Contact us for details.

Note: This facility is reserved for pre-approved credit customers only and is set up on request where applicable.

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