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Embroidery is the process where a given design is machine sewn onto clotting to produce an "embroidered" logo. Using the very latest commercial embroidery machines, we can professionally embroider your logo or design in up to 12 colours. A set up charge may apply to first time orders to "digitise" the initial stitch pattern.

There are no minimum orderer quantities for standard clothing, however for cap embroideries the minimum order quantity is 8. The cost of embroidery is dependent upon the size and stitch count of the design.

Embroidery is suited to any garment type and is normally kept to 10 sq cms in size. Although larger embroidery designs are not a problem, most customers prefer to use either Transfer Print or Screen Print for larger logos to keep costs to a minimum.

Transfer Print

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Transfer Print is the process where a transfer is produced, then heat pressed at a set temperature onto a garment. Using up to date computer software, a design is initially created then either cut from vinyl, or used to produce a heat reactive transfer ready for print. Once ready, the transfer is then heat pressed, at a controlled pressure and temperature, to fuse it to the garment (like a big iron) and can be from a single colour, to a full colour design. There is normally no initial set up charge for transfer printing.

There are no minimum order quantities for standard clothing print, but there are limitations to full colour production and the amount of detail due to the cutting process. The cost of transfer depends upon the size and number of colours in the design.

Transfer Printing is suited to most types of clothing, although due to the nature of print, we would advise against fleece due to the high pile and uneven surface area.

Screen Print

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Screen Print is the process whereby wet ink is pushed through a pre-made screen template onto a garment. This is then put through a commercial dryer to cure and dry the ink. An initial template is created which is then chemically cured into a print screen. For multi colour designs, a screen is required for each print colour. Print screens are then aligned and registered before having inks mixed and applied ready for printing in up to 6 colours per design. A set up fee is chargeable for each colour in the design artwork.

There is a minimum order quantity of 10 garments for screen print. The cost for screen printing is based upon the number of colours used and is not size dependent, which makes it the ideal process for larger, more detailed designs.

For best results, Screen Printing is best suited to flat pattern material such as sweat shirts and t-shirts. Caps and hats cannot usually be screen printed.

We will offer expert advice and guidance on the best process to use for all work carried out in order to make your job as cost effective as possible. Please contact us for more details.